30 years of experience 

is the guarantee of high quality products and professional service

We produce ahead of your needs

We specialize in the procurement of finished products, components and parts made of metal, plastic and wood. Own machinery enables us to provide the customer the highest quality production services. These include cutting, bending and welding materials and their corrosion protection by painting, anodizing or galvanizing. We have our own design department, so we can implement innovative technologies focusing not only on the current but also on the future needs of customers.


Modern technologies with the aim our customers’ development

30 years of experience has made us a leader in the production of sports equipment in Poland and one of the leading manufacturers in the world. The best proof of our success is the fact that we equip the largest sports centers and arenas where the events are held at the highest level – such as the European Championships, World Championships, Olympic Games and other cultural events. 

Since 1985 the leading factor of our business has been the economic exchange.
Currently we are exporting our products and technologies to more than 50 countries around the world while importing to more than 10. 
More than 100 employees on an area of ​​over 10 000 m2 each day meet the expectations of customers around the world to provide the highest quality products and innovative technological solutions. 
As the ambassador of Polish economy in the world, we promote values ​​such as family traditions, reliable quality and innovative solutions. 
We would like to invite you to cooperate with us. 

Jan Żółtowski

Managing Director

Dyrektor Zarządzający

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