Design and production according to customer’s individual needs

Your idea - our solution

Almost every day clients come to us with their own ideas for the product. Our designers incorporate these ideas into practice.

They find technological solutions in cooperation with designers prepare sketches and specifications.

Our professional team can prepare the product or supervise client’s team.

In both cases, the final result is a high quality product at an affordable price.

This product can be branded Customer’s logo.


Laser metal cutting

Do you conduct projects where accuracy and precision in machining is a necessary requirement?

In our rich offer you will find cutting metal with a laser.

This technology allows for cutting out any complex shapes and adding to them elements to assist in the further process (keys, splines, technological holes, engraving lines and technological points).

Thanks to modern technology, laser cutting is becoming an increasingly popular method.

Targeting metal or other materials computer-controlled laser beam achieves exceptional accuracy and repeatability of a shape that would be impossible with manual processing.

If you are intresed please submit queries about the laser cutting service.


Queries should include: 

  •  technical drawing in DXF or DWG file saved in compliance with the possible the oldest version AUTO CAD (preferably 2000)
  • in the case of drawings in Corel you will need to save the drawing to one of the above formats
  • documentation should be prepared in such a way that a single file includes a sketch only of one detail
  • the drawing should contain information regarding the material the detail is going to be made of (type, thickness, and possibly surface finish sheet) as well as the number of that detail, which would be executed
  • the information given above may also be included in the file named, for example: symbol DETAL1_szt4 = 8cz will mean that the detail should be made
  • black sheet 8mm and in the amount of 4 units (other materials: stainless steel => ko, aluminum => al, zinc => oc)
  • if you do not have your electronic documentation, we can prepare a valuation on the basis of precisely measured drawings

Bending on edge presses

Bending service is performed using a modern press brake TruBend 5130 TRUMPF. This is the guarantee 100% repeatability of shape and dimensions made details.

giecie_materialu na prasach krawedziowych


We offer a service of welding parts with large and bulky low- structural steel, alloy steel, aluminum and its alloys using MIG / MAG and TIG methods. 

Forged tubes, profiles, sheets and profiles

We offer services for processing plastic including:

  • bending
  • cutting
  • sheet metal bending
  • stamping
  • rolling
obróbka plastyczna materiałów w firmie produkcyjnej z Gdyni

Locksmith works

We do small grinding work, such as drilling, chamfering, grinding, deburring, punching rivets and rivet nuts, etc.

Painting and other anti-corrosive protection

In our offer we also have the possibility of powder coating as well as using wet method in all available colors. Our portfolio includes different types of treatments aimed at galvanic corrosion protection (Galvanizing) or to improve the attractiveness of appearance (chrome).

image description


We make  laminates based on polyester resins. We use for it raw materials of the highest quality. We use two methods of making laminates the so-called injection molding light RTM and manual.

Extrusion and injection of molding thermoplastics

We are open to cooperate both with clients who have a ready tool (for example, an injection mold) as well as with those who do not have it and have a need for a plastic product.



We have our own transport fleet. We are able to pick up the material or provide a ready-made details in accordance with the wishes of the client.