Museums in Krakow

If you know the INTERPLASTIC brand and if you were asked what is it known for, you would probably say it’s sports equipment.

And of course, that is 100% correct, as manufacturing of sports goods has been INTERPLASTIC’s core business for almost 40 years.

At the same time, we are almost sure, that you will be surprised when you will hear about the second branch we are truly involved in for the last few years… To see what are we into, you just need to visit one of the many modern museums located in Poland. We are truly pleased to present to you some of our latest projects:

1) Museum of the Dominican Monks in Krakow – where a new museum was opened this year due to the 800th anniversary of the monastery. INTERPLASTIC has delivered there several, custom-made exhibition display cases.

2) The Crown Treasury which is one of the main permanent exhibitions of the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow, for which we have designed, manufactured, delivered and installed dozens of specialized, high-tech museum display cases. With this project, we are extremely proud, as in these display cases true treasures and valuables especially important for the cultural heritage and history of Poland are kept.


We were and we are hugely excited, that we have a possibility to participate in the vast majority of projects for creating and re-furbishing museums in Poland and we truly encourage you to visit them and see the fruits of our hard labour.